Sunday, February 17, 2008

C. Affinis "Selangor"

Free this weekend. Was suppose to have a field trip to explore new site. However, my buddy pulled out last minutes. Was too geared up for a trip but cannot explore new place due to safety reason. Hence I revisited the old Cryptocoryne affinis "Selangor" site, hoping to see the plant flower as it hasn't been raining for a while. Unfortunately, although the water level was lower, the plant are still mainly submerged.

The plant are in more abundant this time. Healthier looking and larger in size. Have very nice bullated pattern on the leafs. There are evident of more pollution in the reiver but so far the crypts still survive well.

The stalk and root or the plant are deeply burried in the sandy river bed. Check the stalk color change from white to purple, the white part were mostly burried in the sand.

Leafs are clearly bullated. The underneath of the leafs are deep red in color.

The top site of the leaf have beautiful olive green color. The sizes of leafs are large(compare with the hand.

You often read that C. affinis prefer neutral to alkali environment. However, the site water are or weak acidic nature.

I potted a few of the C. affinis for emerse culture. It substrate are as follow.

5 % ADA power sand and JBL Ferropol base fertilizer.
10% peat moss
80% ADA Amazona aquasoil
5 % ADA Biosoil

Planted some of them in my planted aquarium. The last time I tried this, most of the leaf melted. Lets hope this time my tank is more stable and able to keep the leaf alife.

Will add some trip picture later................................

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