Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sp Marup engkelili

After catching crypt fever and collected crypts for months, one of my crypt flowered. This is my 2nd crypt flower. Saw the flower when I came home for lunch. quickily take some pictures in case I missed it like I missed the crypt lingua's picture the last time

Bought this plant from a East Malaysia collector a few months ago. it was a big plant to start with. As you can see from the old leaves, it was covered with mud. The new leaves are nice and clean but their color are light. wondering whether this is due to lack of nutrient.

The plant was planted in the following substrate.:
Peat 10%
JBL substrate fert 5%
ADA power sand 5%
ADA amazonia 40%
ADA Malaya 40%
It is grow emerse with water of 1 inches deep.

Dark red spade/flower



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