Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crytocoryne affinis-Bottled

This is the first blog. Got to start somewhere.

Recently caught cryptocoryne heat and started collecting crypts. After talking to a few friends & hobbiest through the net. Notice that there are various method of keeping crypts. The essence are:
1. They can be kept emerse or submerge.
2. Some crypts are hardy and some very sensitive.
3. A stable environment is very important or else they literally melt away

I have previously collected some Cryptocorynes affinis(Selangor) and Cryptocoryne minima(Kota Damansara). Kept some emerse and some submerge. For affinis,both of the submerse and emerse one melt away but regrewed. As for minima. Most submerged stable but emersed melted. However, the emerse plants grew back and recovered quickly. Whereas the submerged formed remain small and not growing well. I grew my submerge crypts in transparent bottle and hence conclude that they grow well due to high moisture and stable environment.

To prove my hypothesis, I am restarting a new bottle. This time I am using different substrate and added CO2 into the bottle.

Substrate s composed of potmix, peat, riversand and ADA biosiol.

Plantlet of Cryptocoryne affinis

Plantlet planted into the substrate.

CO2 pumped into the bottle and bottle capped.

Only time will tell whether this method works.

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