Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cryptocoryne elliptica - reborn from leaf

Cryptocoryne elliptica rare crypt that is known to be the only crypt that can grow from its leaf. It was collected by my friend and he send me one of it together with a few leaves. Unfortunately it was in bad condition on arrival(Probably due to hot weather). More then 50% of the plant melt. Only a few leaves and the root survived.

I planted the root into a pot and kept the leaves in different conditions(never keep all eggs in the same basket). The root didn't survive and melted almost straight away. A few of the leaves melted away. I was depressed for a few day thinking that I have lost the chance of keeping elliptica. However, when I recheck them today. Shoot is growing from the stem of the leaves. This made my day, I have a hope to have crypt elliptica again.

Although elliptica is known of its capability to regrow from its leaf. Limited information and picture are found on the internet. Since I had a few leaves, I tried to regrow them in different condition. after a few days, a couple of the leave regrew. I find that a stabalised crypt tank with high moisture is the key to success. The regrowing stem can be emerge or submerge and the end of the leave stem is where my elliptical regrew. Hope this information will help others in selvaging thier elliptica in the future.


TS said...

Nice one. keep it up.

AnneRiceBowl said...

Wonderful news and great pic!