Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My emerse cryptocoryne tank.

The beauty of keeping Crytocoryne is they can be kept emerse or submerge and they can look completely different in these conditions. I had kept crypts in submerge condition but recently I decided to setup a emerge crypt aquarium.

The aquarium is small, measuring 14"(d)x10"(L)x12"(H). It is at the bottom of my 4 tiers guppy tank system. The aquarium has an inflow at the top and an outflow at the bottom of tank. The inflow received used water from my guppy tanks and the outflow flow to the drain. This aquariumm was initially designed to culture my guppy food(dipnia and tubifex) but I have decided to use it for my crypts since it has perfect condition for my crypts.

My 4 tier guppy tank system with cyrpt tank at the bottom.( I will write up about my guppy tank system later). Note the tank beside the crypt tank. It is quaranteening Altum angel at the moment but.................................)

The crypt tank. With just a switch of ball valve, the aged and fertilized(guppy waste) water can flow into the the crypt tank. The outflow is covered by the pots. It is located at the bottom of the tank. The water level can be adjusted by adjusting the level of the outflow.

The Crypts.
Crypts that I am carrying are mostly common types. I am at the beggining phase of collecting crypts and hope to expand the collection gradually by either purchasing or exchanging.

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