Monday, January 21, 2008

Tanjong Malim Trip

Tanjong Malim is situated in Perak state of Malaysia. Decided to pay a visit on the 19th of January 2008. Together with my field trip buddy, Ngiam, I took a hour scenic drive up to perak to visit this area that make up of combination of oil palm plantation, rubber estate and peat forest. Crystal clear water creeks run through the plantations and black water creeks run through peat forrest. We explored these creeks and happy to find some local fauna and flora.

On this trip, we managed to collect some Crytocoryne minima and some aquatic faunas.

A typical Malaysian rural road

A creek with hidden treasure-Cryptocoryne minima

Crytocoryne minima

Cryptocoryne minima bullated leave

Small crypts growing under the chade, ? Cryptocoryne minima

Betta Livida

Betta Belica

Betta hipposideros

Blackwater creek where you can find many beutiful fauna. Channa, Beta livida, Rasbora Kalochroma, etc

Catfish ? type

Rasbora Kalochroma

Puntius pentazona

Chochalate gourami and betta livida

Wild fruit?

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TS said...

Nice trip you have, Seen like a fruitful trip, try take more pic of the nature. Show more of what you see.