Saturday, February 2, 2008

Crypt bullosa "Rajang"

Received this crypt today from a veteran Taiwanese hobbies. It is a cultured specimen. Have small leafs but good roots. Cryptocoryne bullosa is knowed to be difficult to culture, especially in emerse form. Crypt bullosa is known to have dark colored bullated leaf , However the specimen that I received is green in color. Can't wait to see how it turn out when the leafs are fully grown.

Read in Aquatic Plant Center forum that some hobbies succeed in culturing it in near neutral pH, I decided to put less peat in the substrate. The plant is cultured it in a 3" pot with the following combinations:

-10% peat

-5% JBL Ferrapoll fertilizer

-5% ADA powersand

-30% ADA Aquasoil Malayan

-40% ADA Aquasoil Amazon

-10% ADA Biosoil

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