Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crypt bullosa Maradong

Recently get to know a crypt collector from east Malaysia and manage to acquire quite some crypts from him. WIll post some of them to share.
Crypt bullosa is one of my favorite crypt. I just love the bullated leaves. Have a few of them. a couple of them have 2 foot long leaves and it is impossible to keep them emerse, and hence I planted them in my 5 foot tank(Sorry, no photos at the moment). Following photos are one of the emerse C. bullosa Maradong.

Nice healthy speciment planted in 3" pots.

Soil used:
Peat moss: 20%
JBL base substrate: 5%
ADA Power sand: 5%
ADA AmazonII: 35%
ADA Malayan: 35%

Check out the crimson colored bullated leave. Simply beautiful.

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