Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crypt striolata maradong green

Another beautiful crypt from East Malaysia. Plant received are very healthy with minima melt of the leaves. Leaves are olive green color with red veins. Love the pattern. This is not an easy crypt to keep, lets hope they will grow well.

Have a few nice specimens. Due to lack of space, I have to pot three of them in a single pot. Will have to expand my crypt tank soon. Check out one of the leaf and left lower corner, it is slightly bullated.

Young leaves have light green color base with red vein. beautiful pattern.

Sumerge grow. Olive green leaves with red veins.

Soil use is my usual mix of:

Peat moss: 20%

JBL base substrate: 5%

ADA power sand: 5%

ADA amazona II : 35%

ADA Malaya: 35%

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