Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cryptocoryne Schulzei "Mersing"

Cryptocoryne Schulzei "Mersing"

Collected some schulzei on one of the trip. The stream discovered was covered with the C. Sculzei. some of them were flowering. You can imaging how excited I was when I saw these. The specimen here had dark green color leaves with red color tiger like marking.

However, when these plant was brought home. Thier color reversed, the base color became brown red and the righer marking are jade green in color. Impressive change in color.

One of the specimen collected had a spath bud on it. Withing a few days after planting, the bud opened up and the flower blossum. Schulzei flower is one of my favourite because of its bright and contrasting color.

Crypt Schulzei flower has its throat opening perpenticular to its tube. The throat is bright red and the collar has a very nice contrasting yellow color.

The leave color of schulzei vary with location collected and planting condition. Most of them the specimen I have seen have green leaf with minimal or some marking. This is by far one of the more interesting color variant. Can't wait for the new leafs to grow out. Wonder what color will it be.


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Rismayuddin said...

hi Yoong. you still have the Crypt?