Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crypt striolata "Maradong" green

Recieved this plants six months ago. Planted in both emersed and submerged method. Submerged plant all became fertilizer. Luckily the emersed one are growing very well and finally flowered for me.

This is how it looked like six months ago.

Six months later.. Walah..........................
I have plugged out two plants to exchange with other crypt lover. The remaining two plants are growing well for me. Most of the orginal leaves have been replaced by the new leaves with shorter stem(Looks nicer).

Top view. Very small flower. doesn't have bright color but I am not complaining. Its always exciting when I see my crypt flowering.

The inflorescence has light yellow limb very thin purplish collar.linear purplish red marking. The throat is light yellow in color with linear purple marking.

One day later, the slender tail started bending downward. The inflorescence lasted for 5 days. I still dont have the heard to slice the inflorescence open. May be next time

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