Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Purpurea Nothovar purpurea Tasek Bera

Collected this specimen in Tasek Bera two months ago. We have to paddle a boat to collect this specimen. With black water and high water level, we wouldn't have found the plants without the help of orang asli(Aborigin). Even with help, I only able to collect a few specimens. I planted the few plants in different substrates. The plant proved to be tough, surviving all type of substrate I tried. Even more amazing is in less then 2 months, this plant grew 3 new leafs and spathed.

The spathe.
It took a week from the time I spotted it to the blossum.
This plant grows well in substrate of
30% baked clay
30% garden soil
30% peat
10% ADA power sand
Love the bright red color limb and orange red throat
Note the incomplete fusion of the tube. This is typical to Tasek Bera variant.

A close up. The limb has rough surface and the throat is smooth.

Potrait of the spathe. The tube is not completely fused close to the limb.

Potrait of the beautiful kettle. The valve is pale yellow in color. The ovary is light brown.

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