Sunday, December 14, 2008

? Bullosa

Got this crypt from an aquarium owner today. The crypt is growing very well in his display tank(Summerged). Asked him what crypt it is and he had no idea. He thought it was the affinis I passed to him earlier. I have doubt as that affinis was growing next to it has different leaf color. Spotted a plantlet and asked him to sell me. He gave me for free instead. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!.

Very bullated leafs. Olive green color on the top and bottom. Although it is a plantlet, the leafs are about 3 cm long. The mother plants has more then 10 leafs and each leaf are bout 5 cm long. Imagine how beautiful it is.

Substrate used is:
ADA Amazonia II: 20%
ADA Malayan: 20%
Baked Clay: 20%
Coco Fibre: 20%
ADA Power Sand: 5%
Pelite: 5%

H5 lights x2
Temperature 27-28C
Humidity >90%.
4cm deep water.
Emerse grow
Looking at the shape ad color of the leaf plusthe heavy bullation, I suspect it is a bullosa. If it is a bullosa, I might not be able to confirm it as this strain is extremely disfficult to keep and flower.


Ghazanfar said...

Nice looking plant! I'd be curious to see what it turns out to be!

Yoong said...

Wait til you see the mother plant. Breath taking. Will try to take photo the next time I go there.

Anonymous said...

any updated photo of this plant? I woul like to see the progress and sucess on the combination of substrate used.